We’ve Come to the Land Down Under

17 Nov

After so many months of dreaming and planning I have finally made it to Australia. All three flights to Sydney were relatively uneventful (minus the window seat mix up in San Francisco, eastern USA why do you not like me?) and both us and our luggage made it across the world in one piece. The airport in San Francisco was pretty crap, we ate bad sushi and overpaid for crap hot chocolate plus there was just not that much around in general. On the other hand I must say that I was quite impressed with the Auckland airport, lots of shopping and pretty good food options plus I got to share my breakfast with a pretty cute bird. Arriving in Sydney was a breeze thanks to my father’s associate who met us at the arrivals gate and drove us into the city to our hostel. It was so nice to see the sun and be warm but unfortunately that was not to last. After checking in and getting settled at the Sydney Central YHA we were supposed to meet up with our tour guide for the weekend (grace’s cousin’s bf) for what we thought was to be a casual pizza dinner. So we get to this place Frankies and it turns out to be a really hip bar/club/pizza place complete with a bouncer. Pretty cool place all in all but our stamina was just not keeping up so after being awake since 4am we gave in and went home and to bed pathetically before ten pm, fail. Saturday morning we got up and moving to have breakfast at a very trendy hipster breakfast place with our tour guide. After breakfast we wandered up through Hyde Park, stopping through the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and ending up at the best view point of the Sydney Harbour and bridge. After getting a closer look at the botanical gardens and the Sydney Opera House we hopped in the ferry with some beverages and jettied out to Watson’s Bay for a picturesque view of downtown and some yummy fish and chips. Saturday night we were invited over to grace’s cousin’s for a lovely home cooked meal. Sunday so far had been suuuper rainy and cold so we have just sought refuge indoors and booked the rest of our vacation yay! Now if the sun could just come out tomorrow!!








One Response to “We’ve Come to the Land Down Under”

  1. Irene Wright November 19, 2013 at 11:58 pm #

    Hey Nina and Grace, Glad to hear that you arrived safely in Sydney. Nice shots of the two of you, Sydney Opera House, harbour and bridge. Too bad about Frankie’s place since you were tired… I guess you will have to return when you have caught-up on sleep and have a little more energy! We will pray for sun for you. Have fun. Lookward to hearing all about your adventures. Big hugs, Love AI & UJ

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