Time to hit the tropics

3 Dec

Our trip to the Brisbane airport was super quick and easy with my dad giving us a lift in. We check in easily and after a quick drink at the airport with dad we hoped on our quick two hour flight north to Cairns. My dad arranged for us to be met at the airport by one of his contacts and friends who drove us in to town and gave us a quick tour of the town. We then checked in to our hostel Giligan’s, our party hostel for the trip as it has a massive club attached to it. The girls in our room ended up being lovely so we all decided to grab dinner together that night at the hostel. Our meals were not the most impressive but ten dollars for dinner and a drink is pretty hard to pass up in this country. Thursday night at Giligan’s happened to be ladies’ night which meant we all got five free glasses of champagne served to us by shirtless waiters in bow ties, hilarious. After the champagne service there was a volunteer pole dance competition aka 18 year old backpacker girls trying their hardest to shake it in front of a pretty big crowd, also hilarious and our favourite actually ended up winning. We tried to keep dancing for as long as we could but exhaustion finally won out so we hit the hay still fairly early. Friday morning we decided to take our local guide’s breakfast suggestion and checked out The Lilypad cafe for one of the best breakfasts on our trip to date (pancakes, ice cream, hashbrowns and bacon yuuum). The rest of the day was pretty chill, we just napped and caught up on the internet. That evening some of the girls from our room came with us to check out the nearby night market. That night we called it an early night despite the thumping bass from the club downstairs. We woke up bright an early the next day to hop on our boat headed out to the great barrier reef with Down Under Cruise and Dive. We checked out two different sites and got to snorkel at both of them, Grace’s first time ever trying it! We son tons of funky coloured fish and even managed to spot a great big sea turtle! At the second location we hopped on a glass bottom boat tour and found nemo πŸ™‚ On the way home one of the hilarious crew members preformed some songs and improve with a bit of musical trivia thrown in (I even got a question right and one a drink score!). Even though we were super tired and sunburnt we got dressed for a big night on the town with the Ultimate Party bus bar crawl. We hit up four different bars and were ferried between them on a massive double decker bus. At each stop there were some scandalous games which were super funny to watch. It was a pretty fun night and we had a great time dancing with two fellow Canadian girls. The next morning we got off to a pretty slow start but eventually made our way down to the Cairns swimming lagoon with our new friends for a relaxing afternoon in the lovely water and sun. Since we were leaving the next morning we had another quiet night and hit up the local movie theatre to check out Thor 2 which was just as great as the first Thor (plus lots of yummy Chris Hemsworth and sassy Kat Dennings my faves). Next morning we were up nice and early to head to our last new destination and the most northern location of our trip, Port Douglas.














One Response to “Time to hit the tropics”

  1. RitaSue December 11, 2013 at 6:58 pm #

    Nina .. am enjoying reading your posts & seeing your pics. Nice to meet your Dad thru your pics. hope you & Grace continue to have a great time. Hugs ARSB

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