Island Hopping Begins

5 May

The beginning to our island adventure started with a scramble to find a bus/ferry to take us over to our first island. Koh Samui. We straight away encountered a couple problems; the airport did not have internet, I did not screen cap our hotel reservation, and no one at the ferry desk knew the hotel that I had booked resulting in a bunch of confused Thai men staring at me needing to know what beach we needed to be dropped off at. Finally after one of the ferry attendants had called about five different people someone recognized our hotel name and set us straight, phew. For the next two hours we settled into our double decker bus ride to the ferry docks. At the docks we quickly boarded our ferry and were off into the open ocean. When we arrived on Koh Samui we ushered on to a mini bus and driven around the island to Lamai Beach and our hotel for the next three nights, Samui Beach Resort. We spent the rest of the day relaxing in the fantastic hotel pool, swimming at the beach and lounging by the bar/restaurant, nothing more than a perfect afternoon in paradise. I had booked us into a fan only room (our first night without a/c in Asia) but after a night spent dying of heat and unable to sleep due to the neighboring bar blasting music (at least for me, Braden can sleep through anything) I decided that I am an a/c kind of girl.

The next morning we found ourselves at reception booking our next ferry over to Koh Tao when I casually asked if we could upgrade to a room with a/c for our final night and as luck would have it they actually had an a/c room available to move in to right there and then for only a minimal extra fee, yay!! After I happily cooled down in our new room we set out to see what the rest of the Lamai beach main strip looked like, which is not that much though we did stumble upon a sign directing us towards a viewpoint. At the base of the view point there was a little waterfall and the hike up wasn’t too bad. The view of the beach from the lookout was pretty beautiful. After our hike we were hot and sweaty so some serious time in the ocean and pool was required. After dinner that night we decided to take a long walk down the beach to check out some other the other hotels/restaurants. Since we had brought some money along we stopped and smoked some shisha at Swing Bar and got to watch as people sent off lanterns up into the sky. As luck would have it we also happened to be at the bar during one of its nightly fire shows, our first in Asia. After all of the walking that we had done during the day, that night I slept like a baby in our nice cold room.

For our last day in Koh Samui we decided to do what most tourists do in Asia and rented a scooter. Parents and family reading this we are safely intact with not even a scrape on us. We headed off down the highway to find the next beach North of Lamai, Chaweng Beach. Chaweng is much more of the party/shopping beach but since I wasn’t feeling super well that day we opted to do more observing while having a nice quite lunch followed by some reading on shaded beach chairs. Since we wasted most of the day reading we figured it was better to return to our own beach before it got dark and navigating got tougher. Braden was exceptionally good with the scooter and we managed to make it back without getting lost and in one piece. That evening after a dip in the pool we headed over to the view point at the end of the beach near us to watch the sunset. We hit the hay not long after our mini hike as we had to be up early in order to catch our mini bus that would take us to our next ferry. Koh Tao, here we come!

















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  1. smalltowngirlsmidnighttrains May 5, 2014 at 4:57 am #

    Come to the Philippines if you get a chance. 🙂 Best of luck to you, and happy travels!

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